We create jobs worth owning.

The Fund for Jobs Worth Owning changes workers' lives by building institutions
that center worker voice, grow worker wealth, and build worker power.

What is a Job Worth Owning? 

A Workplace that focuses on job quality through worker engagement and policy setting.
Nationally recognized worker-owned child care centers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (est. 1988)
Learn how Childspace creates Quality Jobs for Child Care Workers
A Financial Asset
to the people that work there, offering the best wages and benefits it can.
Worker-owned home care coop joins the growing community in Washington state (est. 2021)
Learn how Heartsong Empowers Caregivers with Worker Ownership
A Career with dignity and promise, uplifting the worker and their community.
Community-based home care cooperative serving Philadelphia and surrounding counties (est. 1993)
Learn how we are Invested in Home Care at Home Care Associates.
A Place where workers can find opportunities for growth and advancement.
Award-winning, strategic advertising agency headquartered in New York City becomes worker-owned (est. 1999)
Learn about APartnership's Employee Ownership Transition


of all lending in Caregiving Cooperatives


of clients are Women-Owned


of clients are BIPOC-Owned


Jobs Worth Owning Created or Preserved

Financing Solutions for Employee Ownership

  • Flexible term loans for transitions to employee ownership
  • Business expansion loans for worker-centered companies
  • Start-up loans for home care and child care cooperatives
  • Lines of credit and customized working capital solutions

We offer training, coaching, and technical assistance to all our clients. We promise to meet you where you are, with no pressure.

How do bad jobs create and exacerbate inequality? 


Wages for child care workers have only increased $0.82 since 2012

Home care wages rose only $0.19 from 2009 to 2019


62% of workers are people of color, over 90% are women

Black childcare workers make $0.78 less per hour than white child care workers


44% of home care workers live in low-income households

53% of care workers are enrolled in safety net programs

Case Study

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and global movements for racial justice, the staff of White Electric Coffee demanded change and justice in their workplace. Part of their proposal was to convert the 20-year-old coffee shop in Providence, Rhode Island into a worker-owned cooperative. The prior owners agreed. In September of 2020 the shop also became unionized under CUPS, the Collaborative Union of Providence Service Workers, being the first coffee shop in the state of Rhode Island to do so.

Learn more about how ownership has transformed jobs at White Electric Coffee
Case Study

Within months of opening our doors, the Fund for Jobs Worth Owning received an emergency call to refinance a line of credit for Cooperative Care, a 35-member worker-owned home care cooperative in rural Wisconsin that has been successfully operating for almost 20 years. A local bank under new management had unexpectedly canceled the loan that had been in place for a decade.

Learn more about how the Fund responded with an investment to support the future of caregiving

Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Commitment

The Fund for Jobs Worth Owning strives to make investments that combat racial inequality and the wealth gap. We are committed to being an anti-racist organization.

The Fund for Jobs Worth Owning was created by the ICA Group, the oldest national organization dedicated to the development of worker cooperatives. Since 1977, ICA has launched dozens of worker-owned cooperatives and social enterprises, helped more than 40 companies convert to worker ownership, and created and preserved over 10,000 jobs.

The Fund for Jobs Worth Owning is the leading expert in providing financing strategies for worker-centered business.

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